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Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, educational institutes, non-profit agencies, health professionals, and entrepreneurs alike value and rely on Michelle Littles for marketing solutions that work. Content is now King and Michelle provides unique offerings for her clients to nurture their leads and as the foundation for their clients. Her strategies and systems provide measurable success based on established KPIs. Michelle is an authority in Marketing & Branding and a highly sought out speaker in such spaces as  Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, and SEO. Using her branded proven systems such as Marketing Mind®, Marketing Map®, Maximum Marketing®, and Masters in Marketing®, Michelle offers consulting to convert strangers to leads then customers, and finally promotors of your business. Michelle is based in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys working with her clients around the globe.


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So What Do I Do?

I live and breathe Marketing! The first step for you and I would be my discovery where I assess your Marketing efforts and your challenges. I absolutely LOVE providing solutions that are profitable. I enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs. groups, and corporations  on Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, and SEO.


Product Development

I help social media stars, reality TV stars, After a complete assessment of your brand,  I present brands to align with to partner and sell products as well as create your own. The process includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of your product.

Content Marketing/Social Media

Content Marketing is a strategic and consistent effort of creating and distributing content to generate leads and nurture those leads with the end result of a purchase. I create content in your voice including but not limited to email marketing, social media, blog posts, webinars, and more. In 2015 Facebook influenced 52% of online and offline purchases. It's important to have an active and branded profile to maximize engagement. I offer monthly Social Media Management packages as well as branded templates for your use.


97% of consumers research online prior to making a purchase. Using SEO technology I analyze your website and employ such practices as off-page SEO, on-page SEO, mobile SEO, and optimizing your website content for SEO. I use my expertise to advise SEM (Search Engine Marketing) paid activities. SEM allows businesses to put their ads in front of ready customers at the moment they are ready to purchase. SEO is organic traffic from content marketing and SEM is paid marketing.

Marketing Solutions


Michelle is an electric speaker available for conferences, keynotes, workshops, and break out sessions. Michelle's style is engaging and provides action steps that can be used immediately. Michelle entertains and inspires audiences to use Marketing best practices for success. Michelle provides valuable and strategic processes that are measurable and practical. Her sessions are interactive, original, and highly intimate. Her comedic approach provides serious strategies and tools to use in your Marketing plan.

Inbound Marketing

With Inbound Marketing, I help you attract prospects with content, convert them into leads with call to actions, close them with a successful purchase and delight them with great content. I use this data-driven multichannel approach to increase your conversion rate which leads to higher sales. Inbound Marketing creates 54% more leads than Outbound Marketing (ads, direct mail, email blasts, etc).

Graphic Design/Branding

I create crisp, professional, and original graphic design concepts for your digital and online footprint. I offer professional brand identity development services designed exclusively for your business. Every client is different and I don’t just "box up" a branding package that will work for everyone. I conceptualize your company's vision and present branding that works and templates that can be used for communication, social media, and marketing.

Marketing Problems I Solve

Your website should be your 24 hour non stop lead generating salesperson. Your site should be built to provide information and capture leads. I specialize in SEO and SEM and also content marketing which will bring high quality leads to your website. I’d first evaluate your messaging to make sure you are speaking to your buyer’s persona. I’d also audit your website to make sure you are using off page and on page SEO.
Every solution I provide is SMART. Specific. Measurable. Realistic. Time-bound. I am an analytics junkie and I can show which techniques provides the highest ROI through monthly reports.
I pride myself on staying abreast of all the new and productive Marketing solutions. I analyze them based on rigorous standards prior to making a recommendation. Whether its Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing, Content Management or any other effective strategy, I can start or manage these services for you.
Email has evolved drastically over the last few years. First I’d recommend cleaning your lists. Each email should provide value and your email lists should also be segmented so the right content will always go to the right person.
Every company doesn’t need every software as every brand shouldn’t use every social media channel. I explore your brand to make sure your technology helps your brand and does not hurt it.
For sure! Michelle is highly collaborative and can add value to any team as an  extension of your Marketing/Communication department aligning and supporting your project goals and Marketing calendar. She is also able to train and educate team members.
I have over 10 years of Social Media Management experience and will craft your tone and message consistently on the right channels. Social Media collectively is responsible for over 1 billion in sales and I have the strategies in place to use Social Media as a lead generating machine.
I can update or maintain your website. I also offer landing pages to offer content and capture leads. I also offer website development and e-commerce solutions.





Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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